August morning on Dogwood Hills

August morning on Dogwood HillsThe days are getting shorter.  Even with a clear sky, the dawn was darker at 6 a.m. than it was a week ago.  Finley and I even beat the golf course grounds keepers out which was an added blessing to an already gorgeous morning.  The world was silent and shrouded in a light fog.  There wasn’t even a breeze to make the trees talk.  The only noise was birds calling which is music to my ears anyway.  As we made the turn to start back toward home, I saw two deer at the edge of the woods.  They are hardly visible in this picture but I can see them — in the little grassy area on the left a bit higher than the base of the lone tree, there is one deer standing and one lying on the ground.  Finley didn’t see them.  He is looking the other way.  But they saw us and bolted.  As we approached the spot where they had been, Finley picked up their scent but it was too late.  They were gone.