Beach Time

Every morning we see from one to four Jeeps or ATVs going along the waterline and several people out poking in the sand and putting things in nets.  John finally talked with one of them and learned that they are patrolling the beaches looking for tar balls left over from the BP oil spill.  That morning, in one mile they had picked up 13 pounds of tar balls. We haven’t seen anything looking at all like oil or tar but they know what to look for, I guess.  The sand is really light colored – not quite white but pale beige.  Yesterday, I sat on the beach in my chair and watched the dolphins diving.  They kept going back and forth in front of me so there must have been a school of something yummy there.  At one point, about 20 gulls also showed up right at the water’s edge and started diving into the water catching small fish 2-3″ long.  I took this shot of a dolphin as he dived – just wish it were a little better focused.  I’ll try again today.  The other photo is sunset over Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores, AL. We are having gorgeous weather this week – our last week at the beach.  Sunday we head for home.

Dolphin DivingSunset on Little Lagoon