Lunar Eclipse 2015

Picture2On September 27, 2015, I photographed an eclipse of the moon called the “Blood Moon Eclipse” because the moon appeared red when fully eclipsed.  I took my camera and tripod out on the golf course behind our home and took photos.  At one point as I was standing with both hands on my camera, I saw movement and a beautiful SKUNK came strolling out of the darkness.  I told myself to stand completely still, pretend to be a tree and don’t breathe!  He came up and sniffed my right ankle and then continued on.  I had no idea if he stopped a foot behind me ready to aim his lethal spray or if he had disappeared.  His movement was completely silent — or maybe my heightened adrenaline just masked all sound.  At any rate, eventually I slowly turned my head to look over my shoulder and he wasn’t there.  Whew!  Close call!  But the photos were worth it.