The Language of Flowers

Red Daisy_011Until I read Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s The Language of Flowers I had no idea that such a concept existed.  Then we went to see the new Angels & Tomboys exhibit at Crystal Bridges and there it was again – individual flowers have specific meanings which was really popular a couple of centuries ago.  The artists used flowers in many of their paintings sometimes to indicate gender and other times personality traits. So here is the bouquet I choose:  black-eyed Susans (justice – had to have that one), bellflower (gratitude), Gerbera Daisy (cheerful), purple coneflower (strength and health), lupine (imagination), freesia (friendship), phlox (our souls are united – and John loves phlox), baby’s breath (everlasting love), orange (generosity), elder (compassion), oregano (joy).